COVID19 – Staff Clothing Guidance


In line with government guidelines the team at PS Recruitment are recommending that all staff members take a second set of clothing (including shoes) with you to any shift you cover, this will help to secure the safety of yourself, the service users you will be supporting and the staff team already at the service.

It would be beneficial for you to leave earlier than normal for your shift as this will give you ample time to change into your spare set of clothing when you arrive without using vital handover time.

Some great advice on what to do once you have finished a shift includes;

When your shift finishes

• Wash hands and forearms with soap and water and dry them

• Remove work clothing and change into your travel clothes

• Put uniform in a plastic bag

When you arrive home

• Wash your hands again – before you interact with any family members

• Put your washing in the machine and wash by itself in the highest temperature that the fabric can tolerate. Then iron or tumble dry

• Throw away the plastic bag that you carried your clothing in

• Wipe down your phone and car keys – Using antibacterial wipes or soap and water to clean them