Our Approach


We Work in Partnership With You

The trained consultants at P.S Recruitment are dedicated to providing a personal, professional service which will match your specific needs and experience to both our new and existing clients.

P. S Recruitment started in April 2006 and evolved after working for a number of other large health care agencies. In our experience the service provided by such agencies lacked the focus and attention on those who really mattered, the reason why we are all here, the clients whom need our devoted skill, care and attention.

Our Vision is to provide a Premier Service. P.S Recruitment to us means number 1. We pride ourselves in providing a bespoke service to both our clients, temporary staff and applicants seeking permanent employment, marrying the two together to meet the needs of the service user.

Through our stringent recruitment and vetting procedures, we attract the highest quality staff and this coupled with years of experience within the social care recruitment field are used to work with clients to understand and meet their specific needs.

‘Working in partnership with you’ is the essence and core value of P.S Recruitment, our aim is to build good working relationships between agency, temporary staff and permanent applicants, ensuring an effective service which meets everybody’s needs.

P.S Recruitment is a member of the ‘Recruitment Employment Confederation’ (REC). REC is a regulatory body which agencies can join to ensure they are thoroughly up to date and practising in line with up to date legal and ethical practice.

PS Recruitment is externally audited by a number of organisations on a regular basis. Clients can have confidence that our recruitment and vetting procedures are of the highest standard and up to date with all relevant legislation.

We take time to learn about what our clients & candidates do.

We understand that different clients have different needs. It’s what makes us so agile, effective and efficient. To help source the best candidates for our clients, we want to learn all about how you operate.